Makondo Extension mess: Chiredzi advised to borrow for services

Anesushe Mamhute

The Minister of Local Government and Public Works, Daniel Garwe has claimed that Chiredzi Town Council has been advised to apply for borrowing powers for it to be able to fully-service Mukondo Extension.

Garwe made the remarks on May 22 while responding to questions posed by Chiredzi Central Parliament (MP) Ropafadzo Makumire (pictured) on what plans, if any, were being made to solve the problems.

“To service Makondo suburb, which consist of 3 500 properties, with fully-functional water and sewage reticulation systems, Chiredzi council has been advised to apply for borrowing powers from the Ministry of Finance, Economic Development and Investment Promotion,” said Garwe.

He said the council needed to first have its books audited so that the ministry could support loan applications.

Work on Makondo Extension began in 2009 when the local authority, like all others, was being affected by the hyperinflationary macro-economic environment of the time.

Residents began building houses and living in the suburb before roads, water and sewerage had been developed. Today, there is barely any functional water connection, households make use of septic tanks and roads are very bad.

Council Public Relations Officer, Kudzai Chimusoro refused to comment on whether or not the local authority was considering to apply for borrowing powers.

Ward 1 Councillor Liberty Macharaga, however, applauded Makumire for raising the issue in parliament, saying he would raise the issue of borrowing in council meetings.

Chiredzi resident Ngonidzashe Mupfumba expressed optimism that Mukondo Extension would finally get the attention it deserves.

“When issues are raised in parliament, people begin to have new hope that their problems will finally be solved. I encourage the MP to keep pushing government at the highest level because council alone has no capacity to solve the problem,” said Mupfumba.